Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back...For A Split Second

Man, I absolutely suck at updating. Horrible, I say!

I've been dealing with some personal stuff. One of my best friends died about 2 weeks ago. So I got really behind with school and then wham, this is Midterm week for me. I've been having to do loads of makeups and studying. Oh, and I got bronchitis again! Ughhh. I will update again as soon as I can, pictures and all. I've been experimenting with gold, silver and light pink colors for my eyes. Typically, I usually only wear brown. I also would like to try some lip colors for my eyes, but I think a lot of them wash me out. I just wear lip balm all of the time. Some input would be awesome! I'm not deserting ya'll and I like that I have readers out there. :)

Until next time...which will actually be before you know it! Sunday, perhaps?