Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad Day

As you can tell by the title, I had a not too great day. The only thing that made it good was getting some really good sushi at Hikari (mmm, crunch spicy salmon roll!), hanging out @ B&N, and seeing some super cute cats and kittens at PetSmart. Boyfriend and I got into an argument so bleh on that. I decided to wait til tomorrow on pictures...I feel like experimenting on a look I might try for Saturday night. I meant to post tonight. I have a lot of free time tomorrow...I only worked 12 hrs this week. Hence all the posting. :)

Here's one the dress ideas I have. I have heels picked out.

It's a tunic top, but I figure I can wear it as a minidress. I'm 4'11" (5'2" in the heels), haha. More tomorrow.


anniewu said...

I love that dress! It's nice and simple too.

Mandy said...

thank you! the more i think about, i think i'm going to stick with it. i think the other one's too dressy. besides, the banquet's being held at a restaurant and we're going to be hang out near the bar area and i wear jeans and sweaters all the time during the winter. i thought i'd wear something different.

Tee-Hoa said...

aww.. I hope you feel better. Don't let the bf stress you out. =P Boys.. hehe But that is a pretty tunic! I wear shirts as dresses all the time! The goodness of being short eh?!! hehe I'm 5'0 TALL lol. Btw: thank you for the support. Remember what you told me, don't worry over small things... Have a happy holiday!