Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Freaking Breakouts!!

I was going to post pics with my basic everyday look, but my face has started to break out. I think it's because my sleep pattern's out of whack and I've been stressed out with school.

I just finished my finals yesterday. Personally, I think the finals were ridiculous. I had one professor for 2 of my classes and she gave us review sheets. Now, when you get review sheets, you study off of them, right? Well, BARELY any of the information from the review were on the finals. My Nutrition final was tough too, but I made a B in the class so I'm content with that. I think I made an A in my Reading Instruction class. I'm hoping! Note to the wise: Anyone that thinks teaching is easy, it's not! Texas is, from what I've been told, one of the states that's hardcore on standards that need to be taught and there's so many of them. Not to mention, there's so many plans and assessments you have do. Argh. Ok, enough rambling on that issue. :)

Onto fashion. I have a banquet Saturday night to attend for my boyfriend's office. I can't decide on what to wear, how to do my makeup, and how to wear my hair. I'll post some pictures up tomorrow night to give you a better idea on my eyecolor, my hair, and the dresses I'm deciding on. But, I can give you a little bit about me to help anyone who wants to help out:

1. My eyes are blue-green and my eyelashes are blonde. :/
2. My hair's kinda long with side-swept bangs and it's thick and wavy.

I know it isn't much to go off on, but I promise to include pics tomorrow night.

I have fallen in love with Marc Jacobs as of late and really want this purse!

I don't have the money for it though...I still have yet to purchse X-Mas presents! Eek. Then again, that's what online shopping is for!

I'll blog more tomorrow. So much to do tonight and I have an 8 hr shift tomorrow morning that I'm not looking forward to. Until tomorrow!


Anna said...

sux when instructors review what will be on the test and the test is totally different. the marc jacob bag is expensive but fab!! looking forward on photos =]

Mandy said...

exactly! i was like, "ok, wtf is this?" haha, after class there were 5 other students who walked out with me and we debated on questions and what we felt were correct answers. ah well. i know! i think it's from 2004, but i still love it! i saw an ad in Vogue for a purse that's in the Spring 2008 collection that's pink...i couldn't find a picture but it was love at first sight. :)

d0rksta said...

hi mandy! that's a nice purse. hehe. well i never knew how to winged out the liner good, but EnkoreMakeup on YouTube teaches us an easy way... so that's where i learned it from. here's the link:

hope that helps! (: